The Global Peace Index is changing rapidly

Recent events in Europe will dramatically change the colours on this map. Terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere cause widespread ripple effects that may have unforeseeable outcomes. We have to stand stern and say no to violence and terrorism. Bombing Islamic State is not a cure to the constant threat of terror, more likely plenty more killing on both sides will ensue. The only true way forwards, as naive as it may sound, is to see eye to eye with all people. Exploitation will always turn against the exploiter and fear of the unknown, whether its people or places, will always cause conflict. That's why greed and fear of the unknown are the true pests of humanity. Greed and fear are what cause wars. We have to stop fear and greed within us and believe in Life. Life is all that matters and nowadays too many die, because of false prophecies and a fear of Life. Too many people have no grasp of what to do with their lives. People without a direction, who also let fear and greed run their lives, are all possible terrorists. We have to believe in Life and live on with unknown people. We are peace.

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